Private Workshops

Private or Customised Baking Workshops

  • Customised/Private workshop is available. This can be for corporate, individual or a group of friends!
  • Will be quoted separately based on requirements.
  • Note that private class typically cost $400 - $850 per baking lesson, from one-to-one to a maximum of eight participants. Please state the number of pax and preferred date/ weekday/ weekend when enquiring with
  • Also depends on instructor's availability; so it's advisable to book instructor's time slot as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Recommendations for an enjoyable workshop with friends: (i) for cozy weekdays excluding fridays, ideally find 3 or more friends, (ii) for happening fridays, ideally find 6 to 8 friends, and (iii) for fun weekends including eve of and on public holidays, ideally find 8 friends.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Go for Private Classes!

Indeed, most of them are actual reasons given for attending BakinCalf's private classes..
  1. Hen's Night. Gather a bunch of close pals to celebrate your last days of single-hood!
  2. Bake a Cake to Surprise my Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Hard not to get touched with such sincere gesture right?!
  3. Teambuilding. Most of the things we do need teamwork to succeed. So, will want to build up this important value!
  4. Guidance in Need. I need close supervision coz I'm serious about learning and doing every single step well.
  5. Learn at my Pace. I want to learn in a relax environment and pace.
  6. Too Shy. I either blushes or feel scare when I see strangers sitting beside me.
  7. Too Many Questions. Sometimes silly questions. So din want to 'disturb' others in class.
  8. Family Bonding Time. My teenage son/daughter wants to do baking with me... when was the last time we done that?
  9. Lovey-dovey Couple. Just the two of us..
  10. Meet my Schedule. I'm a busy busy fellow. So better arrange a date that meet my tight schedule.

Email us if you have more reasons! ; )