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1-Day Basic Sweet Bun Bread (CRS-N-0046652)

1-Day Basic Sweet Bun Bread (CRS-N-0046652)


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This 1-day hands-on class is an introduction to basic sweet bun bread. On completion of this course, participants will know how to make various buns & loaf bread. The key ingredient in making basic bread dough, equipment needed to bake bread. Learn the fundamentals of mixing to develop gluten, shaping techniques, and the methods to proof bread dough before baking. How to also keep bread for longer freshness.

Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Straight dough method – bread roll, coffee bun
2. Sponge & Dough method (pre-fermented dough method)– custard, egg mayo
3. Cooked dough method (water roux “湯種” method)– red bean spiral bun, sausage bun

Participants will learn these buns.

What you will learn
• Learn to make bread roll, coffee bun
• Learn to make custard, egg mayo bun
• Learn to make red bean spiral, sausage bun

Certificate :: Certificate of Completion will be awarded
SkillsFuture Claimable Course :: CRS-N-0046652

Class Format :: hands-on. Also see Q12 in FAQ.
How to register SkillsFuture Classes :: Also see Q14 in FAQ.

Step 1: Email to register for a SkillsFuture Approved Course. Upon receiving a confirmation email from BakinCow. You will need to make a deposit of $100 to BakinCow.
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